2550 Stag W
2550 Stag W
2550 Stag W
2550 Stag W
2550 Stag W
2550 Stag W
2550 Stag W

2550 Stag W

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The Stag W 2550 is a splendid specimen when it comes to the combination of seating comfort and Danish design. The Stag series is designed with clear references to the proud Danish stag. Even the raw materials are associated with quality, strength and durability, and precisely these key words are also conceived in the design of the Stag series. No compromise has been made with the aesthetics. The beautiful design is both an unrivaled sitting experience, practical with its stacking function and a design gem with its organic beautiful shapes, which send thoughts towards the antlers of the red deer. The Stag series also includes the Stag-S 2500 , which is available in chrome and black steel. See Farstrup's other practical quality solutions within stacking chairs here .

The Stag series - produced with over 100 years of experience

Farstrup has over 100 years of experience and knowledge. All chairs' path through production goes through many skilled hands. With precision and expertise, each and every chair is developed with beautiful details and raw materials of the highest quality. 2550 Stag W is also available with front upholstery. If upholstery is chosen for Stag, there is a multitude of beautiful textiles and quality leather products in beautiful colors to choose from.

Beautiful tables go with beautiful Stag chairs

Beautiful dining table chairs also go well with a beautiful dining table. At Farstrup we design and produce tables of the finest quality . Farstrup creates furniture that lasts for generations of use and is therefore focused on creating timeless designs that will always follow the beautiful craftsmanship details of the time.

A walk in the open air - from Stag to Bear

When an evening comes to an end, it should end in "the soft". One range that will beautifully compliment the beautiful Stag environment is the Bear range. See e.g. the exclusive 6500 Bear L , which with its low center of gravity creates a lounge environment where you can spend more pleasant moments with your guests. No compromises have been made with upholstery in quality foam and beautiful textiles. Here we are talking about comfort and design becoming a higher unity. Bear is also available with a high back, which provides more support in the sitting position. See the beautiful 6550 Bear R here .

Designed by Erik Simonsen mDD & Justus Kolberg

Shown in photo

Model: Stag-W 2550

The price of the furniture varies depending on the choice of material. In addition, there must be a surcharge for adaptations and functions.

In general
Stag is for daily pleasure and for elegant everyday life

Depending on the material you want on the chair, there are different things you can do. Feel free to ask us or one of our dealers.

Measure etc
Width: 64 cm
Height: 78 cm
Depth: 56 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Stag is available in a wide selection of leather and quality textiles.
Choose quality textiles from Danish Gabriel or Kvadrat.
If you are more into leather, this can of course also be done.
Are you in doubt about which upholstery to choose for your chair? Then visit your local dealer. Here you will be able to see – and not least feel – all the different textiles and leather types.
Click here to find a dealer near you.

The Stag-W chair is available in both oak and beech, as well as with and without upholstery.

Quality since 1910

Furniture with personality

Farstrup Furniture has produced Danish design in Danish surroundings since 1910. What started out as a sawmill from old train tracks is today still a proud production company in the middle of Funen.

Customers say about Farstrup

Can confirm that the Cantate chair is a fantastic and very nice chair. Have now had mine since 2018 - it "jumps" on my back every time I come home.

Morten Falck

Super good service and armchair. It is the best armchair I have ever sat in and I really got the feeling that I got a chair uniquely made for me.

Kristina Krisser Thorning

Have bought 2 Farstrup armchairs - First we bought one as my wife has spinal stenosis in her back - when we saw what support and comfort there was, the husband had to have one too! Jeez, we are so happy for them - Thank you Farstrup.

Ole Kirk

Good chairs - bought a few in the 90s in Hillerød and we are still happy with them. Really good retirement chairs.

Katrine Lehd

Jeg kan slet ikke undvære mine stole. Købte to for mindst 15 år siden, og arvede min søsters der er magen til mine. Så jeg er heldig at have 3. De 2 med høj ryg, den tredie med lav, og er lige så fantastisk at sidde i.

Jytte Jul Betak

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