Guide: How to find the right recliner

Guide: Sådan finder du den rigtige lænestol

Guide: How to find the right recliner

Guide: How to find the right armchair

What do you need most when you get home from a long day at work? Most people will say that they need to sit back, put their feet up and completely relax with a fresh cup of coffee, a good book or the TV on. In that situation, a good and comfortable armchair is almost a must, so that both body and mind can recharge for a new day tomorrow.

But what is the right armchair for you?

Armchairs are as unique as you are, and it can therefore be difficult to find the right armchair. There are a myriad of features and general factors to consider before purchasing. First of all, there is a very basic need for a chair in which you sit well, relaxed and ergonomically correct. Next, you have to consider whether you need an "ordinary" armchair or whether you need a multifunctional chair. Should the chair be upholstered in fabric, or does genuine leather suit you better? Do you want a real float that you can fall into, or a light and elegant armchair that can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee? Do you prefer maximum seating comfort and correct ergonomics, design or do you want an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing armchair in one?

There are many things to take into account, consider and remember before choosing your next armchair. In this post, I will try to answer a number of the doubts that may arise in the search for the perfect armchair.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the purpose of your armchair?
  2. Stand-alone or together with other furniture?
  3. Armchair with high or low back?
  4. Large or small armchair?
  5. Armchair in fabric or leather?

What will your armchair be primarily used for?

When you need a new armchair, one of the most important things to start with is to consider what it will actually be used for. It is quite important, if you are to have the best armchair for you, that you are aware of what its primary purpose is. Should it stand in the corner of the living room together with the reading lamp, where you can immerse yourself in a good book, or should it stand centrally in the room together with your current furniture setup and create the framework for the living room together with a sofa and a coffee table?

When you have the essentials in place, it becomes much easier to choose functions, aesthetics, shape and location for the chair.

Should your armchair be part of your current furniture composition or a stand-alone feature?

When you have to buy new furniture, regardless of whether it is a new armchair, sofa or something else entirely, it is essential to take your existing furniture into consideration. You probably already have a fully furnished living room where a particular style exists. It is important to find a good armchair that not only fits into the design, but also a chair that is the right size in relation to your other furniture.

It will therefore rarely be a good idea (or give a particularly visually pleasing result) to acquire a chair with excessively large proportions if you already have relatively small or narrow furniture.

On the other hand, a conscious choice of an armchair in completely different proportions can look very good if the intention is for that particular chair to be in focus and "shout out loud". It is not necessarily the size alone, but also in relation to colours. If it needs to stand out, it would be a good idea to choose some colors that contrast with the rest of the furniture, or choose a classic and stylish armchair if you already have very modern furniture. Conversely, it can also work really well if you have a classic interior style to add a modern and "noisy" piece of furniture.

Armchair with high or low back?

There is a big difference between an armchair with a high back and one with a low back - both visually, but also in the sitting position. An armchair with a high back is optimal for you who want (or have to) sit in an upright position, or if you want an armchair that hugs you all the way around. A high backrest ensures good sitting comfort because you do not sit and arch your back, which can cause lasting harm in the form of back and neck discomfort.

Should your armchair be large or small?

As mentioned earlier in the post, the size of the armchair depends on what its primary purpose is and how the room and the other furniture look. However, there are some fundamental differences between large and small armchairs.

Should your armchair be covered with fabric or leather?

A leather armchair is a practical choice when it comes to cleaning. A leather chair is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth, should the accident happen (if you have children or grandchildren, this may happen a little more often than you would like). Genuine leather is an incredibly strong material that lasts for countless years and almost gets nicer with age as it acquires a little patina.

Armchairs in fabric are a popular choice because it allows you to get a chair in a large selection of attractive and exciting colours. Fabric is more susceptible to spilled liquids and the like than leather is, but it can be helped along the way with impregnation which makes it a little more resistant.

Should we custom manufacture your next armchair?

Do you dream of a beautiful and unique chair that is specially made for you and your unique goals? At Farstrup Furniture, we build individual furniture so that you can experience the joy of sitting comfortably in an ergonomically correct and aesthetically pleasing and stylish armchair.

We have a large selection of ergonomic armchairs and armchairs with functions , for which we offer countless customization options. All our furniture is produced in our Danish factory and consists of genuine Danish furniture craftsmanship. In other words: Hand-built armchairs created by people for people. We provide a 10-year guarantee on all wooden frames.

A small armchair has a lighter expression and will be more mobile and easy to move around. The advantage is that a small armchair does not take up as much space as a large one. However, a larger and smaller mobile armchair also has its advantages, as they will often have a higher degree of comfort, functions and larger armrests. They therefore quite naturally require more floor space.

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