Conference and meeting chairs

Konference- og mødestole

Conference and meeting chairs

Conference and meeting chairs

Is it time to replace your old conference chairs with some new conference chairs? At Farstrup Furniture you will find a wide selection of inviting and comfortable quality chairs.

Good and ergonomically adapted conference chairs contribute to a pleasant and professional atmosphere in your meeting rooms, waiting rooms, lounge areas or the canteen. Good and comfortable chairs in the meeting rooms give meeting participants, trainees or employees a comfortable sitting experience that increases concentration and provides better and more productive meetings.

Chairs for meeting rooms

If you are looking for beautiful chairs for your meeting rooms, then at Farstrup we have a large selection of conference and stacking chairs to upgrade the atmosphere for your meetings. We manufacture classic and stylish meeting chairs which, in addition to their good looks, have an extraordinarily high level of sitting comfort.

We have chairs for the conference in a sea of ​​fabric and leather materials in every imaginable color. You can therefore get some chairs that are tailored to the rooms they will be in. In addition to fabric and leather choices, the wooden frames are available in several different types of wood, so regardless of whether you prefer light or dark wood, we have the right solution.

Our conference chairs are stackable, so they can be easily and quickly packed away and stored with minimal space requirements.

Ergonomic conference chairs

Regardless of whether you need comfortable chairs for your meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture rooms or something else entirely, at Farstrup Furniture you will find a wide selection of chairs with well-thought-out designs, maximum seating comfort and ergonomic design.

Among our large range of conference chairs, you will find chairs that suit a professional environment with a stylish and classic look. Our chairs are not only manufactured with a view to visually fitting in well in office environments, but especially so that you and the other meeting participants sit well and comfortably.

The good sitting comfort is expressed in the ergonomic designs, where you will find both good chairs with and without armrests. Conference chairs with armrests provide a comfortable and relaxed sitting position and help with an ergonomically correct sitting position .

Practical storage of conference chairs

Our stackable conference chairs are super practical when your meetings, lectures or events are over. It is easy and quick to clear the room of chairs and they can of course be stored in a stacked state. When the chairs are stacked, they require a minimum of storage space, which makes them perfect for events where they only need to be set up temporarily.

The fabric or leather material that your chairs are attached to is durable and can withstand a bit of everything. Chairs in canteens, meeting rooms or in business premises often need to be cleaned, so our chairs are naturally easy to clean.

Give the right expression with new meeting chairs

When you invest in new chairs for your meeting rooms, you get the opportunity to create exactly the look that you want your meeting participants or business partners to have. The design of your meeting rooms is not entirely unimportant when it comes to both large and small gatherings.

When you have to make new agreements with partners or suppliers, it is important that all meeting participants feel welcome and in the right environment that suits the situation. There can be a big difference in how the decor is perceived for formal business meetings or internal lectures.

Effective meetings

The meeting rooms are the companies' control room. In other words, the meeting room is one of the most important rooms. Managers, salespeople and business partners sit here and hold more or less formal meetings. It can be anything from strategy meetings, seminars and internal conversations, which in some cases last for many hours.

For the long meetings, it is important to have good comfortable and ergonomic conference chairs in which the meeting participants sit comfortably in order to maintain the high productivity and concentration among all participants.

The hallmark of a good meeting chair is that it is a comfortable chair that you can sit on for many hours in a row. That is why we have well-upholstered conference and meeting chairs that provide the best sitting comfort.

Among our stacking chairs, we have several different types of chairs. Chairs with armrests, chairs without armrests, fabric or leather upholstery, several different types of wood as well as chairs with grab bars so they can be easily moved around.

What should you consider when choosing a chair?

When you have to choose new chairs for your meeting rooms, just like with all other furniture, there are many things to think about. In addition to style and design, there are also some functional considerations you have to take into account.

When it comes to functionality, there are a lot of things to consider. Below are a few things that you should consider before buying:

Should your conference chairs be able to be linked together?

Linked chairs can be super practical for larger conferences, where there is no time to run and move the chairs into place all the time.

Should they be with or without armrests?

Armrests can be what makes the long meetings last. Chairs with armrests provide just the extra comfort and a good resting position that is needed when you have to sit down for a long time. However, chairs with armrests can also have a negative effect, as they can be disruptive and take up a lot of room.

Should the chairs be stackable?

Stackable conference chairs are practical because they can be easily and quickly removed without requiring a lot of storage space

Should the chairs have wheels underneath?

Conference chairs with wheels can give your chairs a more modern look, so that they resemble traditional office chairs a little more. However, chairs with wheels are not particularly suitable for conferences or meetings.

If you are in doubt about what you want, you can take a look at our comfortable and classic stacking chairs right here, or find one of our dealers near you.

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