Canteen chairs – comfort in the canteen and lunchroom

Canteen chairs – comfort in the canteen and lunchroom

We design and hand-build canteen chairs for professional and functional canteens, lunchrooms and dining rooms. Explore our large selection of ergonomic stacking chairs designed to meet everyday demands. Canteen chairs are most often used in canteens and lunchrooms, but are very versatile and can therefore also be used for conferences, in meeting rooms and many other places.

Canteen chairs with many uses

When you need to upgrade your professional environment with new canteen chairs, it is important to consider what purposes the chairs will be used for. If you are looking to buy the chairs for conference and meeting rooms, where you sit for several hours at a time, you should look for ergonomic chairs with good lumbar support and a good seat.

The practical chairs are a necessity in every business – large or small. Schools, educational institutions and the like also need comfortable conditions during meal breaks – both students, teachers, associate professors etc.

At Farstrup Furniture, we have a large selection of canteen chairs, conference chairs and meeting chairs that are both practical and designed in timeless Nordic design and built with comfort in mind. If you are looking for even more comfort, our canteen chairs are also available with armrests.

Canteen chairs designed for everyday requirements

A good canteen chair must meet a number of requirements, including flexibility, functionality and of course design. Before you jump into buying new chairs for the small lunch room or the large canteen, you should make some key considerations:

  • Should the chairs be stackable?
  • Should the chairs have a grab hole or grab bar?
  • Should they be able to be connected together?
  • Should they be able to be hung under the table?

Stackable canteen chairs are extremely practical if you need to clear the room in connection with events or the like. Stackable chairs are easy to "hide away" and store in a small area.

Canteen chairs with grab hole/grab bar are easy to move with just one hand, which means you can move several chairs at a time. A grip hole is a small hole at the top of the chair back.

Chairs with series connection are practical when you hold larger events such as conferences, lectures or something else entirely. With a row coupling, you ensure that the chairs stay in a nice straight row. In addition to maintaining the rows of chairs, there may be circumstances where the fire authorities require row coupling of the chairs.

Canteen chairs with the possibility of suspension are a practical choice, which makes cleaning under tables and chairs much easier and faster. A canteen where all the chairs are hung up looks neat and orderly, but here you must remember to pay attention to investigating the possibilities for the suspension fittings on the tables to match the chairs.

The feeling of quality cannot be faked

Why settle for seeing when you can feel? Current trends with a focus on body awareness and quality of life make great demands on our everyday life. Regardless of what we spend our time on, it is important that it feels right, even when we sit down. Sit like you've never sat before with canteen chairs from Farstrup Furniture.

Should you choose a canteen chair with or without armrests?

Whether or not you choose to have armrests on your canteen chairs is in many cases a question of space. Chairs with armrests require more space on both sides than a chair without armrests. However, you get an extra dimension of comfort by choosing armrests on your chairs.

Easy-to-clean chairs for the canteen

In canteens, lunchrooms and cafeterias, there will often be a need for the chairs to be easy to clean, because people eat and drink - which will sometimes mean that there is waste. This places great demands on the chairs, which must be able to withstand a bit of everything.

Regardless of whether you need new chairs for the school canteen or in larger business canteens, we have the solution with ergonomic chairs that are designed and built with both comfort and expression in mind.

Your employees or guests don't have to take extra care, as our chairs are just built to be long-lasting and have high wear resistance on all surfaces. If you are looking for a very special expression, a Farstrup canteen chair is just right for you. You are free to choose color and upholstery so that the chairs fit perfectly into your decor.

Comfortable and ergonomic canteen chairs with padding

Regardless of whether you have invested in the best office chairs money can buy for your employees to use when sitting at their desks, the canteen chair is the place where your employees are allowed to exhale and gather strength to continue the hard work after lunch.

Colored stacking chairs from the Fastoflex series - number 2310

A canteen chair must be of very high quality, where all efforts are put into building a chair with a focus on comfort and the good sitting experience. We are very aware of this at Farstrup Furniture, which is why all our chairs are hand-built with a focus on maximum sitting comfort.

All our canteen chairs are of the highest quality from Nordic woods, with fabric or leather and rich padding, which provides a comfortable sitting experience - even after 2 hours.