Otium and senior chairs built for the elderly

Otium og seniorstole bygget til ældre

Otium and senior chairs built for the elderly

Otium and senior chairs built for the elderly

At Farstrup Furniture, we make recreational chairs - beautiful and comfortable armchairs and recliners , or practical functional chairs with electric seat lift , backrest, foot rest and much more. Find a retirement chair that suits you on our website and visit your nearest Farstrup dealer when it suits you.

Our many dealers across the country ensure that you get the perfect retirement chair that is tailored to your unique goals.

With a retirement or senior chair from Farstrup Furniture, you achieve unparalleled comfort and functionality , where every detail is well thought out and implemented. We have a large selection of senior chairs in both fabric and leather, so we are sure that we have a chair that suits your taste.

Comfort is central to us, so our otium functional chairs can be equipped with a motor that does the work for you and makes you independent of help in many situations.

What is a retirement chair?

An otium chair is a reclining or functional chair that can be adjusted either electronically via remote control or manually. A retirement chair is the perfect chair for seniors because the backrest can be adjusted and reclined and they are available with a practical seat lift function.

Seat lift is particularly practical and suitable for elderly people who have difficulty sitting down or getting up, because it provides the support you need to get in and out of your recliner.

For extra sitting comfort, you can take a matching footstool for your retirement chair, or have a footrest built into the chair so you can rest your legs - If you want to experience the joy of sitting well, you will not regret taking home with a retirement chair.

A retirement chair is also called a senior chair, because it is precisely seniors whom the chairs are designed and built to help. A senior chair makes everyday life easier for the elderly with its extra high sitting comfort and functions.

Otium chairs with electric seat lift / tilt function

Take comfort to new heights, experience the joy of sitting comfortably and leaning back without having to worry about getting up. Senior chairs with electric seat lift are not just for older people. Retirement chairs are for all people, but are naturally associated with the elderly as it is also called a senior chair. But a senior chair works in the same way as an ordinary armchair – an armchair with extra comfort and smart functions.

Plus 5040 function chair with seat lift and neck pillow and electric seat lift

People of all ages may have particular need for an armchair that can do a little extra. Especially people with walking difficulties - of all ages - benefit greatly from a retirement chair with electric seat lift, as an alternative to the other furniture in the home.

How do I choose a chair with the right measurements?

The most important thing when you need a new recliner is that the chair fits your body exactly and your possible challenges. This means that the chair must have exactly the right measurements all around, so that you get a chair with exactly the right ergonomics.

Graphics showing how to sit ergonomically correctly on a chair

When sitting in a chair with a straight back, your feet should be flat on the floor. Your legs must form a right angle and the same applies to your arms when you place them on the armrest. If you don't have the opportunity to go out and try a Farstrup chair, several dealers offer to come to your home.

You can either get friends or family to take all your measurements in advance, or let our skilled chair dealers measure you. The chair will be built uniquely to your measurements.

An ergonomically correct sitting position not only provides better sitting comfort, but also better well-being. When you sit ergonomically correctly, you strain your joints as little as possible.

Should my retirement chair be in fabric or leather?

You will find a wide selection of the absolute best senior furniture at Farstrup Furniture. All our chairs are Danish-produced from start to finish at our furniture factory in Søndersø.

Fabric and leather material for furniture

The chairs are available in many price ranges, depending on which and how many functions are needed in order for you to achieve optimal comfort. What all our chairs have in common, regardless of the price, is that they offer comfort beyond the usual - without compromising on the beautiful and stylish design.

The perfect armchair for the elderly

Is there anything better than sitting in a good and comfortable armchair and letting yourself sink completely into the seat? Most of us would say no. Where the problem often arises is when you have to get up from the chair again. Especially for older people.

It can be a difficult process that turns into a daily struggle to get out of your armchairs. It may have something to do with age, but it may also have something to do with worn hips, legs and knees.

With a retirement chair, you no longer have to think about how to get out of the chair again. A retirement chair with electric seat lift helps you get back on your feet. Sit back and enjoy the comfort without worrying about the hassle of getting up.

Can I try your chairs at my own home?

The short answer is yes. Several of our dealers offer to come to your home with the "chair bus", so you don't have to go out the door. The chair is simply set up at home in your living room.

Farstrup Furniture - chair bus

Where can I buy a retirement chair?

We do not sell our senior furniture to private individuals. That is why we have built up a large dealer network of our comfort furniture

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