This is how Farstrup's MultiPlus function chairs work

Sådan fungerer Farstrups MultiPlus funktionstole

This is how Farstrup's MultiPlus function chairs work

MultiPlus 5040 & 5930

High seating comfort and exceptional auxiliary functions are important if you sit down for many hours a day. Farstrup's MultiPlus 5040 and 5930 offer exactly this.

The Multiplus function chairs are equipped with 3 motors, which allow you to regulate the backrest, footrests and seat lift separately, just by pressing the hand control.
Seat lift, can only be activated when the footrest has been completely lowered/in, for your safety. For the same reason, the footrest cannot be activated until the seat lift is completely down.
In the event that the footrest will not work, try moving the seat lift a few cm. up and then all the way down/in again.

In addition to the functions, there are a wide range of accessories for the Multi chairs, such as wheels, armrests, cushions, etc., which makes it possible to tailor the MultiPlus chairs so that your needs are met and at the same time you experience exceptional sitting comfort.

If the remote control does not work!

If one of the functions does not work or only works partially, it is probably time to "zero" the electronics.

How to "zero" the electronics:

  • This is done by first holding down the 2 top buttons on the remote control simultaneously until it "beeps" or for approx. 15 sec..
  • First drive the seat lift all the way down. After this, first the back is driven all the way back and all the way up, then the footrests are driven all the way up and all the way down.
  • It is equivalent to pressing one button at a time and holding it down until the movement stops.
  • When this is done, the chair should function correctly again.

How to use the hand control:

Illustration of the functions of the hand control for Farstrup's Multiplus function chairs

Important information:

  • If the function chair is equipped with wheels and a seat lift, the wheels must be locked before the seat lift is activated. (This is important for security reasons)
  • The functional chairs are guaranteed a load of up to 125 kg.

Do you have any questions about the MultiPlus functional chair?

If you have a function chair, we hope you enjoy it a lot - you may also be considering acquiring one. In any case, you are always welcome should any questions or other issues arise. You can either contact your local Farstrup dealer that you find HERE or Farstrup Furniture A/S HERE .

MultiPlus 5040

Multiplus 5930 function chair, where several of the functions are shown. the recliner has a frame in natural beech and is upholstered with dark gray textile



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