The chair bus - FAQ

Stolebussen - FAQ

The chair bus - FAQ

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What is the chair bus?

The Stolebussen is a service that a large part of our skilled dealers provides. In short, it is a bus that comes to private homes with agreed chairs, so that they can be seen and tried on in your own home. A consultant who is trained in adapting the chair ergonomically so that it fits is naturally involved you. That's why you get a retirement chair with sitting comfort in a class of its own.

Where does the chair bus go?

There is a long list of Farstrup's dealers that offers this service – you can find the retailer closest to you that offers home visits with the wheelchair bus here . Some retailers run nationwide with the chair bus - this means that regardless of where you live in the country, you have the opportunity to make use of the chair bus service.

Wheelchair bus service

Who is the chair bus aimed at?

Basically can all order the chair bus to come on a non-binding visit. However, it is a service that stems from a desire to be able to offer all ergonomically adapted seating comfort, especially for those people who find it difficult to get to a dealer, for one reason or another - it could, for example, be elderly or have walking difficulties.

How does a visit with the chair bus go?

The consultant and the chair bus with the selected chairs drive to your home, the consultant takes the chairs into your home so you can see and try which chair suits your needs. The consultant guides you in the correct ergonomic sitting position - and in what options there are with Farstrup's various chairs. It is, among other things, possible to test whether more lumbar support is needed, whether the chair needs to be higher - or whether other adaptations are needed so that you experience sitting comfort in a special class. With the Farstrup Comfort principle, there is the possibility of a wide range of adjustments which means that you sit perfectly and the consultant guides you all the way.

The Farstrup Comfort Principle

The consultant has textile and leather samples with him, so you can see and feel which upholstery you want on your future Farstrup chair, there will also be a wide range of colors to choose from, so that the chair gets the look you want. In addition, most of Farstrup's chair frames are available in both solid oak and beech with different surface treatments, which is why the consultant also brings wood samples with the different surface treatments - so with a visit to the chair bus you have the opportunity to get a completely personal chair designed especially for you and with the personal expression you want. If you do not find a recliner that suits your needs, the visit is of course completely non-binding.

Can I choose which chairs the chair bus has?

As a starting point, it is you who decides which models you want to try in your home. Perhaps the consultant can guide you to which chairs will suit you - based on whether you have any specific challenges that can be met with a particular model. It may also be that you are very tall or very short - so there is something about your ergonomics that needs to be considered in your future chair, so that you will sit perfectly. So it is you who decides which chairs you would like to see and try in your home, of course within the framework of what there is room for in the bus - but you always have the opportunity to be guided by the individual consultant who drives the chair bus and knows Farstrup's chairs and their possibilities really well.

Do I have the option to choose wood and upholstery for my Farstrup chair when it comes to the Stolebussen?

The short answer is YES! Stolebussen has trial chairs in the models you want, or that you have agreed with the consultant that could suit you and your stature - so that you will sit optimally, or that have the functions you need as support. The chairs that have been brought are only test chairs, you design your chair yourself. When the consultant then comes to visit you, he/she has wood samples with the types of wood and with the surface treatments the chairs are available in. Then you can choose how your frame should look, based on what suits you or what your taste is . In addition, the consultant has brought fabric samples with a large number of textile types in many different colors - here Farstrup collaborates with Danish Gabriel and Square .

If you are more into leather, there is also an option for that, with a recliner from Farstrup Furniture - the consultant also has leather samples from Danish Sørensen Leather in many beautiful colors. It should be mentioned that the price of Farstrup's Otiumstole varies, depending on which textile, leather or wood you choose for your personal chair.

Cura textile from Gabriel in selected colours

How much does it cost to visit the chair bus and do you commit to buying a chair?

The chair bus is a free service offered by a large number of our dealers - you can see which dealers offer a chair bus by looking at our dealer page here - if the individual retailer has a picture of a bus next to their name and address, this means they have a chair bus service - and then you just have to call them and agree where and when you want the chair bus to visit - and which chairs you want to try. A visit by the chair bus is 100% non-binding – the only thing you commit to is to be at home at the agreed time. But it's up to you whether you want to buy a recliner after trying it out.

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If you have not received an answer to your question in this blog post, you are always welcome to contact someone dealer or contact us at Farstrup Furniture, find our contact information here , we are happy to answer questions.

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