Plus 5031
Plus 5031
Plus 5031
Plus 5031
Plus 5031

Plus 5031

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Plus 5031 is a 3-seater sofa that fits the Plus series recliners and sofas. Plus is a series of classically designed furniture that lasts for generations.

Plus 5031 is a 3-seater sofa that fits well in a small living room or in a larger living room in combination with another sofa, e.g. our 2-person sofa Plus 5021. Complete the classic and elegant expression with a matching coffee table.

The sofas of the Plus series invite coziness and presence, while at the same time the series gives a classic look in the living room. Plus 5031 has a stylish and timeless design, which means that it can be easily combined with most home furnishings. It is possible to choose between a wide selection of quality textiles and leather in a wide range of colours, in this way the Plus 5031 can have a completely personal expression, but it also gives the opportunity to match it with existing furniture. It is a sofa made with quality materials and with exceptional seating comfort,

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A world of pluses

Plus 5031 is just one of many in the Plus series, which are available to suit your taste. Long live individualism!

Designed by Hans J. Frydendal, MMD.

Shown in photo
Model: Plus 5031

Shown with one stitch in the back in the picture. Available as standard with two extra stitches across.

The price of the furniture varies depending on the choice of material. In addition, price supplements must be calculated for functions and adaptations.

In general
The Plus series is available in a myriad of different designs and options. Long live individualism!

Depending on which textile or leather material you want on the chair, there are different things you can do. Feel free to ask us or one of our dealers.

Measure etc
Width: 177 cm
Depth: 73 cm
Height: 88 cm

Seat depth, seat height and more can be adjusted as needed. Contact one of our dealers and hear more about the options.

Plus 5031 is available in a wide selection of leather and quality textiles.
Choose quality textiles from Danish Gabriel or Kvadrat.
If you are more into leather, this can of course also be done. You can get your Plus 5031 with genuine leather from Danish Sørensen Leather.
Are you in doubt about which cover to choose for your sofa? Then visit your local dealer. Here you will be able to see – and not least feel – all the different textiles and leather types.
Click here to find a dealer near you.

Plus 5031 is available with a frame in solid oak or beech wood.
Both types of wood are offered in different stain forms.

Beech: Untreated, natural, bright, white oiled, cherry, light brown, teak, mahogany and black stained.

Oak: Untreated, natural, bright, white oiled, light brown and black stained.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on the wooden frame.

Quality since 1910

Furniture with personality

Farstrup Furniture has produced Danish design in Danish surroundings since 1910. What started out as a sawmill from old train tracks is today still a proud production company in the middle of Funen.

Customers say about Farstrup

Can confirm that the Cantate chair is a fantastic and very nice chair. Have now had mine since 2018 - it "jumps" on my back every time I come home.

Morten Falck

Super good service and armchair. It is the best armchair I have ever sat in and I really got the feeling that I got a chair uniquely made for me.

Kristina Krisser Thorning

Have bought 2 Farstrup armchairs - First we bought one as my wife has spinal stenosis in her back - when we saw what support and comfort there was, the husband had to have one too! Jeez, we are so happy for them - Thank you Farstrup.

Ole Kirk

Good chairs - bought a few in the 90s in Hillerød and we are still happy with them. Really good retirement chairs.

Katrine Lehd

Jeg kan slet ikke undvære mine stole. Købte to for mindst 15 år siden, og arvede min søsters der er magen til mine. Så jeg er heldig at have 3. De 2 med høj ryg, den tredie med lav, og er lige så fantastisk at sidde i.

Jytte Jul Betak

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